Sadaf Shaikh


My Story

I am a Registered Dietitian that believes in achieving good health with food that’s familiar to you!

I specialize in weight management, diabetes, kidney disease, NAFLD, malnutrition, and heart health, among others. I have a strong science background, with three degrees from major Canadian universities. I completed extensive training at St.Michael’s Hospital, a leading teaching and research hospital in Toronto, to gain competency as a dietitian. I wrote the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination, and am licensed with the College of Dietitians of Ontario. As a Registered Dietitian and nutrition blogger, my philosophy is that you can be healthy while being of different backgrounds, cultures and circumstances. As someone who enjoys my own cultural cuisine, I’ve experienced the challenges of finding food that’s healthful yet close to home.

We can create a plan together that fits both your goals and your taste buds.
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Heritage & good Health

The dietetic and nutritional field severely lacks diversity, hence the media tends to portray healthful eating as only one type of diet - the Western Diet. It is far from true that the Western diet is the only one that can be nutritious, while ethnic cuisines are inherently unhealthy. In fact, many cuisines around the world have been influenced by globalization in recent years, while their roots were tied in whole foods, with many plant based eating patterns.

With the right guidance, you can enjoy your cultural cuisine without compromising on taste or more importantly your health.


Feel good stories from our clients.

Z. C.

My first Ramadan nursing, I spent a month incorporating all these recipes and Alhamdulillah I was able to keep all my fasts while keeping my baby fed. It was a life saver!

M. K.

It’s absolutely perfect, very easy to follow through! This Ramadan will especially be different since everyone will be at home and in my opinion it’s easier to get hungry when you are at home vs being out busy with work. So this was very needed!!!

M. A.

I was impressed with the taste and the clarity of the instructions! I will definitely be recommending this book to others!

S. S.

Overall, this is a very versatile recipe book that I will be sure to use year round, not just for Ramadan. My favourite part is the “Tips and Facts” sections where I can learn why certain ingredients are used, its benefits and alternative options.