How It Works

Nourish your body to function and feel your best


Initial Assessment - $110

This is your first appointment where we will discuss your medical history, diet, lifestyle, objectives, challenges and more. We will set realistic goals, and simple yet effective steps that’s catered to your lifestyle.


Progress Follow up - $55

In our 30-minute follow-up appointments, we will revisit your progress and assess previous recommendations and challenges. We can then alter the plan or add new steps that are achievable, realistic, and directed towards your goals.


Accountability Follow up– $25

Our 15-minute follow-ups are catered to support you if you want more accountability and motivation during your progress towards your goals. Follow-ups are more frequent either weekly, bi-monthly, or every three weeks. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dietitian services covered by insurance?

Many employee healthbenefits plans and major insurers (7/10) cover dietitian services under their general plans. Despite the demand for guidance on nutrition to improve our health (including mental health), some plans do not cover dietitian services.

Do you offer electronic insurance claims?

We will be offering direct e-claims soon. This means we can submit electronic claims to your insurance company directly. However at present we do provide invoices.

What can I do to prepare for my consultation?

Please fill out the 3-day food record form to provide information about your diet & lifestyle, and return it back 24 hours before your appointment. This ensures the full hour is dedicated to discussing your objectives, and working together to build a plan that works for you.

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